Storage Racking System

  • Push Back Rack

    Push Back Rack

    The right storage system can increase the storage space and save a lot of working time, Push back rack is such a system that maximizes storage space by reducing aisles for forklifts and saving operators’ time running in the racking lane like what happens in drive-in racks.
  • Cantilever Rack

    Cantilever Rack

    Cantilever racks are easy to install and flexible to store long, bulky and over-sized loads like timber, pipes, trusses, plywoods and so on. Cantilever rack consists of column, base, arm and bracing.
  • Drive In Rack

    Drive In Rack

    Drive in racks make maximum use of horizontal and vertical space by eliminating work aisles for forklift trucks between racks, forklifts enter the storage lanes of drive-in racks to store and retrieve pallets.
  • Mezzanine


    Mezzanine rack takes advantage of vertical volumetric space in the warehouse, and uses medium-duty or heavy-duty rack as the main part, and solid steel checkered plate or perforated plate as the flooring.
  • Steel Pallet

    Steel Pallet

    Steel pallets are ideal replacement products for traditional wooden pallets and plastic pallets. They are suitable for forklift operations and convenient to access goods.  Mainly used for multi-purpose ground storage, shelf storage
  • Pallet Racking System

    Pallet Racking System

    Pallet racking is a material handling storage system designed to store palletized materials. There are many varieties of pallet racking, the selective rack is the most common type, which allows for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels.
  • Carton Flow Rack

    Carton Flow Rack

    Carton Flow Rack is commonly installed for machine tool storage by manufactures and order picking process by logistics centers. It contains two parts: a rack structure and dynamic flow rails. The flow rails are set at an engineered pitch.
  • Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet Flow Rack

    Pallet flow rack, we also call it dynamic racks ,when we need the pallets to be moved smoothly and quickly from one side to the other side without assistance of forklift and where first in, first out(FIFO) is required, then Pallet flow racks will be the best choice for you .