Fully Automated Storage System

  • Four-Way Shuttle

    Four-Way Shuttle

    4-Way shuttle is an automated handling equipment for high-density storage system. Through the 4-way movement of the shuttle and the level transfer of the shuttle by the hoist, the warehouse automation is achieved.
  • ASRS


    An automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) usually consists of high-bay racks, stacker cranes, conveyors and warehouse control system which interfaces with warehouse management system.
  • Shuttle Carrier System

    Shuttle Carrier System

    The shuttle carrier system consists of radio shuttles, carriers, lifts, conveyors, racks, control system and warehouse management system. It is a fully automated system for highly intensive storage
  • Shuttle Stacker_crane

    Shuttle Stacker_crane

    The Stacker crane access to pallets in the shuttle racking lanes on both sides. This solution reduces the total cost while providing high density storage, and fully utilizes the floor space and vertical space.