Factory Tour

Nanjing Huade Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993. We are one of the leading and earliest providers focusing on design, fabrication, installation of the automated storage systems and storage racking system.

With industrious efforts of the members of HUADE, continuous investment in R&D, and extensive distribution network worldwide, HUADE has evolved from a racking factory into a major manufacturer of automated warehousing storage systems and racking systems. Annual production capacity is around 50,000 tons.

As an equipment and system supplier, HUADE has a strong R&D team, professional manufacturing centers and skilled workers. With partners worldwide, HUADE continually upgrades the products, technology and services to meet the requirements of customers. All products made are in accord with international industry standards, i.e. Euro norms FEM, Australian, US standards.


There are 5 existing working plants and a new plant as the Lab. for inventory and testing the automated storage systems.

Various types of racking products and automated storage systems can be manufactured by over 200 sets of machines and productions lines, such as:

2 nos. of steel shelf production lines 20 nos. of automatic punching & roll-forming lines for racking posts
10 nos. of automatic roll-forming lines for beams 6 nos. of surface pre-treatment and automatic electrostatic powder coating lines
5 nos. of robotic beam welding machines 2 nos. of steel pallet production lines
60 nos. of carbon dioxide welding machines 50 nos. of cutting, bending and punching machines
1 nos. of 500 tons hydraulic press 5 nos. of CNC machining centers

QC:Each product will be checked by the worker at the first stage, then each bundle of the products should be inspected by sampling inspection.

Testing and measuring fixtures and tools are available, such as tensile machine, salt spraying tester, micrometers, calipers, height, angle, thickness gauges etc.